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Frequently asked questions about EMS Training

About EMS

EMS technology uses low frequency impulses to stimulate the skeletal muscles and it has been widely used in hospitals and physiotherapy centres as a safe and effective rehabilitation treatment for decades with great results. Our device has been tested vigorously and meets the Australian and European safety standards. It has also won many internationally recognised awards.

Caution is still advised for specific medical conditions and following our guidelines of recovery time between sessions is important. 

  • Burns fat and tones your muscles
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Reduces cellulite due to boost in blood circulation to the tissues and it’s ability to tone muscles and tighten connective tissue.
  • Improves your fitness, mood, sleep, weight and posture.
  • Kind to joints and tendons as there is not jumping, running or twisting.

The EMS full body workout activates over 90% of the muscle fibres inall major muscle groups simultaneously during each contraction. (Only 30% to 50% muscle fibres are activated during traditional training)

Deeper muscles are also being used and targeted during EMS in comparison to traditional training.

Therefore, the use of EMS training allows for a much more rapid effect with visible results, in less time!

Yes. In the first phase of the training, you will lose centimetres, and in the second phase, fat deposits are attacked. Because of the increased muscle activity, energy consumption heightens which causes more calories to be burned resulting in weight loss!

70% of all back pain occurs in the lumbar area (lower back). Back pain can be the result of muscular imbalances (extensor and flexor muscles in the torso) which can be caused by bad posture. The function of stabilising muscles is inhibited, and the back pain gets worse. After only 2 sessions of EMS 20% of clients reported being pain free, with 50% after 6 weeks. Overall, 88% of participants reduced their back pain dramatically. 

Is EMS right for me?

The EMS system is designed for any age, and fitness level and just about any body type. 

EMS is great if you: 

– Are very busy or generally time poor
– Want to become fitter, stronger and more toned
– Need post natal recovery
– Don’t like conventional gyms
– Need a personal trainer
– Need something that’s easy on the joints
– Training for an event or specialist sport
– Have back pain or a back injury
– Recovering from an injury
– Are looking for low impact exercise
– Want faster results in a less time

Yes. We will help design a programme for you that can incorporate EMS with any other fitness or strength routine. 

No. We will tailor your programme and training sessions specifically for your fitness level and help you work towards your goals. 

Then EMS training will be great for you! It is extremely low impact and doesn’t strain the joints. Because we don’t use exercise machines or weights, risk of injury is greatly reduced. 
EMS has also been shown to slow Sarcopenia, the muscle loss that occurs with aging.

As long as you are feeling well and have no significant health conditions you can use EMS. We will always ask you some initial questions before the training to tailor the workouts and make any necessary adjustments.

Depending on the nature and severity of the injury, EMS can be a great way to supplement your recovery.
It’s a safe way to get back mobility with very low risk further injury. 
We will work with you to tailor a programme that best suits your needs.

EMS is not suitable for people with pacemakers, pregnant women or if you are sick. Please consult your doctor before your EMS training and advise if you have any of the following;

– Cardiovascular disease
– Cancer and tumor diseases
– Neurological disorders
– Diabetes
– Thrombosis
– Parkinson
– Abdominal or Inguinal Hernia
– Implant
– Recent surgeries
– Stents or Bypasses in the past 6 months
– Acute motion sickness
– Open skin injuries
– Acute back pain

Prior to your first training session you will be required to fill in a medical and client release form.

Drugs, alcohol or other substances, as well as intensive training, must be avoided prior to any EMS training session.

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EMS Training Sessions

Make sure you’re well hydrated throughout the day of your EMS training and ensure your last meal was eaten 2-3 hours before your session, so you have sufficient energy for your workout.

We recommend refraining from doing any other training on the day of your EMS workout.

You don’t need to bring anything, we provide everything you need.

However, having a water bottle with you to sip from before you arrive and after your session is a good idea.

Resonate is a small private studio with a lot of natural light. 
There are cubicles for changing and ample space for training. 

Convenient location, plenty of public parking options close by (cheaper than most CBD rates) and great amenities in the neighbourhood.

Please allow an hour for your very first training session. (Please see FIRST TIME page)

Subsequent sessions only need 30 – 40min all up.
Your 20min workout plus time to get changed before and after.