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Never Trained With EMS Before?

Your first session will include…

  • A one-on-one consultation to establish your goals 
  • Full review of your medical and exercise background
  • Movement assessment  
  • Familiarisation with the revolutionary technology 
  • 10 min of a bespoke full-body EMS Training session for your specific requirements
  • Conclusion chat and questions 

What to bring

  • We will provide everything that you may need for your first session.
  • Special training clothes in a wide variety of sizes are available onsite for you to wear under the EMS suit.
  • No training gear, special clothing or change of clothes required.
  • Shower facilities and towels are available (few people feel the need to shower afterwards).

Session duration

  • You’ll need at least 60 minutes for your first session to include your initial consultation, fitting and set-up.
    (If you are using paid parking, please pay for 90minutes in case we run a bit late)
  • You’ll only need 30 minutes for subsequent sessions.
    (20min of training time, plus optional 2min relaxation/cool-down)